Teaching drawing and painting is an adventure. The student seeks different stations and levels both known and unknown to herself.

The teacher is at the same time a leader and fellow traveller. It is a pleasure to be part of the process of birth and conquest.

When it works I feel like a real midwife. I taught my first class in life modelling when I was 26; I was so nervous I was shaking. But when the model stood on the podium and the studio was filled with that unique feeling of shared courage, pleasure and yearning, there was nothing to do but go ahead.

If I had not had such good experiences with people when I was once an art school student I might not have be able to do this. And ability alone is not enough – you need the capacity and will to reach out and open up, to lift and grow!

I myself have had such guides among teachers and eventually colleagues – and of course within the ever-changing history of art, from Caravaggio to comic strip illustrator Nina Hemmingson!

There are nudges that come from all sides. At the moment, I am even more in love than usual with Paula Rego and Vuillard.

Johan Lagergård, Ulla Lindberg, Gisela Kuntz, Olle Bauman, Carl Nesjar, Håkan Carlsson, Lennart Rodhe, Christian and Susanne Simonsson, Jonas Jämtås, Margareta Gynning, Kenneth Gunnarsson and Marie Palmgren are the kinds of people who have helped me see new things and moved me forward and beyond.

Development is continuous; I can spot a tree, a room, a fruit, a work of art, an environment, et cetera, which inspire new approaches in teaching. Above all, though, it is the meetings, discussions, reviews and the work itself which gives energy and joy. Art is an incomparable place in and at which to meet!

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