In 2004 I was asked to submit a proposal for an alterpiece to a church that was to be built in Uppsala.

The building was designed by the architect Nils Simonsson and constructed by Lindborg & Söner.

The alterpiece is painted on the back of solid, 2 x 3 meter plexiglass weighing 220 kg. The figure of Christ is not depicted in paint; it appears in the negative space. A glowing form is cast behind the alterpiece as the plexiglass is mounted 30 cm from the wall and illuminated by spotlights. The color scale repeats to the right of the alter in a several meter long, transparent molding that can be illuminated from behind.

Below the painting I placed a 4 ton stone taken from Stallmon’s gravel pit which lies a couple kilometers south of Älvkarleby in northern Uppland. The chosen stone was formed about 1,900 million years ago. A water pipe is mounted in this giant so that water emerges from its top and runs down the stone. The stone rests in a recessed, water-filled area decorated with a mosaic; the mosaic repeats in the baptismal basin that stands near the alter.

I painted the entire alterpiece in situ, all the while the building grew up around me and the project.

Korskyrkan on Väktargatan 2, Kapellgärdet i Uppsala was dedicated in September 2006.