Think about being a living person – what a thing it is. We are containers of different memories, ex-periences, sensations and feelings. You open up the container and exist. To paint a painting, draw a drawing, sing a song, cook a good soup, phrase your thoughts, use your body for warmth, movement, or love: this is all expression from the same container. That which bubbles up and takes form makes me what I am. I live in Uppsala with my husband and two children in an area called HÃ¥gaby. My family is the concrete anchor in my life, the dock to which I am moored. I am an uneasy vessel and my sea is sometimes dark and stormy. I need to venture out and investigate the skerries and reefs and depths, but the entire time I miss a table with candles, a pot simmering on the stove, my loved ones’ faces about me. There are no true boundaries between my different stations in life, family, home and art in its various forms; they weave in and out of each other, triggering and building upon themselves.

The friends I have are patient, tolerant, loving and completely wonderful. Together they form a bouquet of perso-nalities that I could not function especially well without. I have my studio in Ekeby bruk, and daily life finds me shuttling back and forth between the studio and home – where I work with my illustrations, prepare classes and lectures – and the radio station in Uppsala, where I work one evening a week with the program Karlavagnen. I have lived in Stockholm, Östersund, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Finland, Spain, AlingsÃ¥s, Vindelgransele and finally Uppsala again. I think I have come to stay in HÃ¥gaby, but sometimes a longing for the west coast grows heavy in my chest… Thank goodness I still have friends there and can work every summer in those regions so that the sweet Gothenburg dialect and the glittering sea don’t leave me completely.